Friday, June 20, 2008


Happenstance, curiosity and good fortune have brought me to “Twinkle-Star”, and I must say it’s still going strong! Upon visiting this blog, I learned that it covers a wide variety of information around the globe mostly regarding photography, Photoshop, fashion, dance, blogging, art, etc.

The blog’s owner uses this space as her online journal. The stuffs written in this blog are different, catchy and include the random thoughts of the author and the daily happenings in her life. When I went through the archives of this blog, I found that it has amazing stuffs and nice to read through. The writings of the owner are really nice and I suppose she is a cool-headed girl and seems to adore photography, fashion, dance, blogging and so on. The owner is doing blogging for the sheer fun of it and also to inform her global readership. So why don’t you give this blog a visit. Just check out Twinkle-star ( and read through. Nice one!

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