Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MAT Analysis!....

The MAT test paper comprised objective multiple-choice questions without any specified sections. Although the MAT stressed on accuracy more than speed, it was important to use the allotted time wisely as students had to answer 200 questions in 150 minutes. Each question carried one mark. There was negative marking of 0.25 specified on the test booklet for the wrong answers.The paper had questions from 5 different areas, viz. Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency, Reasoning Ability and General Knowledge, with exactly 40 questions in each of them. The last exam before CET of this session came without any surprises in terms of the number of questions but the level of difficulty was average. In QA, the questions from pure Geometry were missing, though Mensuration and Trigonometry were present. Almost all the options were very unambiguous, so wise guessing proved fruitful. Questions on Data Interpretation were categorized in Bar graph, Pie-chart, Tables and Line graph. Most of questions are calculation intensive. In some cases options were also very close. So overall the section was time consuming. Five questions were asked from each area of Data Sufficiency and Data Comparison. Questions on Reasoning were quite straightforward. (Linear arrangement, Assumption based logical reasoning, Blood relation). Some reasoning based individual questions were lengthy. But the questions asked on Directions, Series were some of the single questions which were very easy.


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