Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vivek seems to be pretty fortunate!

Before starting ‘Chandramukhi’, one of the biggest Kollywood grosser of all times the superstar, himself, had insisted the director of the movie, P. Vasu, to get Vadivelu’s call sheet first. Rajini is such a great fan of the comedian. The film went on to become a big hit and the comedy by Vadivelu was received well with rib-tickling humour.

But director Shankar opted to cast Vivek for his film ‘Sivaji’, as it was a city-based subject. So we all thought it would be Vadivelu again for the P. Vasu-directed project ‘Kuselan’ that will star the superstar, Pasupathi and Meena in the lead roles. But this time we have guessed it wrong because “Chinna Kalaivanner” Vivek has been booked yet again.

The reason?

We have reports suggesting that during the shooting of ‘Chandramukhi’ Vadivelu used to be late, and the superstar and the other cast had to wait for him. We also know that the superstar is strict on punctuality.

Superstar Rajinikanth is said to be upset over Vadivelu’s delay in coming to the sets on time, and this might be the reason for the scale tipping in favor of Vivek.

All we have to suggest to Vivek is “To make hay while the sun shines”!


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