Friday, May 16, 2008

Cool "Hit" and Rare "Miss"

Happenstance, curiosity and good fortune have brought me to “Hit or miss”, and I must say it’s still going strong! Upon visiting her blog, I learned that it covers a wide variety of information as well as various and sundry reviews of different products and services around the globe. The blog has quite a lengthy blogroll list that can be clicked on and surfed on over to learn more about other cool perspectives and perhaps globally. When I went through the archives of this blog, I found that it has amazing stuff a gives a lot of information about current events around the world. Blanne has given a number of blogging tips.

The great thing is that her blog is nominated for this week's “Filipino Blog of the Week Awards”. I have already voted for her to win. So, please vote for this blog as it deserves this award. Blanne is doing blogging for the sheer fun of it and also to inform her global readership. So why don’t you give her blog a visit and expand your knowledge about anything under the sun. This blog suggests us a number of ideas of how to make money online. To put it in a nutshell, this blog is a complete book about cool random stuffs. So visit “Hit or miss” if you like right now.

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