Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shiv Pandit is turning out to be a Kollywood Hero

Shiv Pandit is working as a radio jockey. We could have seen him hosting a show “Extra Innings” in sony set max channel for the IPL matches. Actually Shiv Pandit became a notable TV personality after his successful scrimp with modeling. He became omnipresent because of several ads and then became famous with the Hindi sitcom F.I.R. After achieving super high status with IPL, he is an anchorperson at the IPL matches; he is all set to becharm the Tamil audience.

Nippers nowadays are leading a well-planned life and are very keen on fulfilling their ambitions which would have sounded eldritch or impossible a decade or two ago. Shiv Pandit is an instance of this. A decade or two ago, the very idea of making a career out of TV or Cinema used to serve only as a fancy that gives relief after a day’s hard work. But times have changed now. Guys like Shiv Pandit are striving hard to materialize their dreams.

Shiv has contracted a movie titled Leelai, which will be directed by a novice named Andrew. The heroine of the movie will also be a new face. Different models from Mumbai are being approached for this female role. Andrew said that he spotted Shiv in a commercial and he thought he looked exactly the hero that he had imagined for his movie. So he contacted him immediately and asked him to appear for a screen test. Shiv cleared it with ease. Oscar Ravichandran is producing this film. This is the other major reason for the film becoming the talk of the town.

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