Friday, May 16, 2008

"kettavan" - Simbu's Big Budget movie

There had been a big hype for the "kettavan" movie from the grapevine. Silambarasan's Kettavan has been in the news – good or bad - right from the day it led off. It's really worth mentioning here that during the film's inaugural function the entire city was bedecked with different posters conjuring curious glances from the onlookers. But this film turned a break pyrotechnics with a breach between its producers Baradhan Films & Silambarasan. Also the actor became busy with projects like Kaalai and Silambattan requiring his attention. Afterwards, industry sources revealed that Simbu Cine Arts purchased this project from Baradhan Films. The incertitude over this project ends now, as reports come in that Radaan TV and UTV have pimped the rights to produce this film at a budget of about twenty crore rupees! One more great news for simbu fans is that he is not only acting as hero in the movie, but also directing the movie. Would "kettavan" be a box-office hit like "manmadhan"???!!!

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